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To support our advice, we have one of the the industry's leading analysis departments. We analyse and grade each solution. This enables us to select good pension solutions, structured products, funds and insurance terms for you as a client.

We constantly assess the offerings in the areas of life insurance, funds, fund insurance, structured products and equity markets. A three-point grading scale gives our clients a clear and simple overview of which products and solutions we recommend and which ones we advise against. Recommended products are given a green grading, products that may be good in certain cases are given a yellow grading and those we absolutely advise against are given a red grading.

The grading allocation varies from area to area, but we always work on the basis of the different products' quality and cost. We compile the gradings each year. Taking market developments and important events as a starting-point, we highlight the year's companies and markets and look more closely at how successful our gradings have been, both in the past year and historically.

Fund analysis

Söderberg & Partners regularly analyses the funds that are available on the Swedish fund market. Each quarter, we grade the funds' performance relative to other funds on a green, yellow or red basis.

In our fund insurance analysis, we analyse the fund insurance companies according to three different criteria: fund selection, offering and cost. The companies are rated separately based on these three criteria, using a traffic-light model which culminates in a green, yello or red rating.

Life insurance company analysis

Söderberg & Partners' life insurance company analysis covers the Swedish life insurance companies that offer savings insurance with guaranteed interest and distribute the excess using the bonus method.

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