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22 February · 2017

Payroll is Söderberg & Partners' shared service centre for payroll management. The service combines powerful system support, expert support and high adaptability for you as a customer.

As Söderberg & Partners expanded, we found that the systems on the market were not sufficiently adaptable and user-friendly for our needs. This prompted us to create Payroll - a payroll system with all the features we wanted. Today Payroll is very appreciated by both our own employees and our clients. As a client company, you get a clear cost picture because you pay a fixed price; everything is included in the quotation you receive. The philosophy is that it should be fast, easy and accurate. This means that employees can devote their time on better things than a complex timesheet.


Availability, service and support

Payroll is web-based and does not require installation, just internet access. Forget investments in software, operation and updates, and enjoy access to the most modern service in payroll management.

Expertise is gathered here at Söderberg & Partners. We provide direct personal support via telephone and email to employees, managers and specialists. Our goal is to increase availability and make it feel like your own payroll department. We work in teams to avoid dependence on one person, and because all data management is automatic, our payroll controllers are more available for support and problem-solving.


Reports and decision support

All information contained in Payroll is searchable and in real time. See Payroll as your support in the company's and organisation's decisions; all roles have their responsibilities and therefore different measurement requirements. In Payroll, information is always available when you need it, whether via mobile, tablet or computer; all that is needed is internet access.

All standard reports for payroll are available, but we set up the reports that are important to you and make them available for each role


For the individual

  • Payroll specification in PDF
  • Balances, holidays, flexi, comp. etc.
  • Salary growth


For the company

  • Payroll statistics
  • Employment statistics
  • Headcount reporting
  • Absence reports
  • Overtime records
  • Sickness statistics for annual report
  • Project staffing


Reduce administration

We are a division of Söderberg & Partners; our goal is to reduce the customer's administration. Payroll works closely with our other business areas so the company avoids administration such as reporting changes in several places. Changes in salary or benefits that affect pensionable salary or registration/cancellation.


Why Payroll?

  • Focus on core business and reduce internal administration
  • Reduce risk and vulnerability to illness, downtime etc.
  • Clear pricing
  • Access to a modern and intuitive service focusing on the user
  • Web-based, forget local installations
  • Customer focus; we develop for our users, not technicians


Payroll offering

  • Time & project
  • Travel
  • Self service
  • Availability, service and support
  • Reports and decision support
  • Authorisation and roles
  • Shared Service Centre Payroll
  • Reduce administration, Pension, Group Life, General
  • International Shared Service Centre