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Children of Single Mothers

Today, some 250,000 children live in poverty in Sweden. With poverty comes vulnerability. The difficult economic situation affects the living conditions of children and mothers in many areas, such as education, health, recreation, culture and skills. This basically means that mothers face stress, mental illness, despair, fatigue and a struggle for survival on a daily basis.

In addition to these conditions, there is also the social exclusion that is engendered by poverty. Children learn at an early age how to save on electricity costs, and that food has to last longer than the day or moment it is cooked. Others don't even ask for Christmas presents. Some of the children always report in sick when picnics and lunch have to be taken on school excursions. The children become experts at hiding their life situation, both at school and among colleagues in the future. They are ashamed of their situation. They are ashamed of not having things. They are ashamed of never being able to participate. They wish they could do everything their friends can do.

Children of Single Mothers want to help them in their childhood. The children are offered a chance to participate, a breathing space in their everyday life and the right to play and laugh. The organisation tries to fill their weekends and holidays with joyful experiences. The mothers are also supported in order to help improve the home environment for the children. Children of Single Mothers is part of Fryshuset.

Fatima Åsard, operational manager of Children of Single Mothers, is currently running a campaign: I'm passionate about you. Read more about the campaign and topics related to social responsibility, courage, empathy and leadership on her blog (in Swedish only)

Söderberg & Partners supports Children of Single Mothers in different ways. The support can range from helping with an excursion to be available to children and their mothers during their meetings. Our favourite activity is a large children's party we arrange at the beginning of summer! This year's party was held on Saturday 2 June. The aim was to give children a fun day filled with activities that they will never forget. On site, we had a mixture of our own employees and staff from Children of Single Mothers. Söderberg & Partners would like to thank all the companies that have helped with sponsorship.

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