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Insurance companies' products and terms & conditions differ, and manually evaluating all the options is an enormously time-consuming process. With this in mind, Söderberg & Partners has created Optimum, an analysis tool that allows more efficient matching of the company's needs in each area of insurance with market terms & conditions.

Optimum is a unique tool developed in close cooperation between our analysts, insurance brokers and IT specialists. With Optimum, a thorough analysis of the company's risk situation is made and the results are illustrated with instructive tables and decision data. This analysis is the starting point for creating completely tailored insurance solutions.

We are committed to tailored solutions. Every company has different needs and faces different types of risks. With Optimum, the company's full insurance coverage and risk situation are evaluated - thus avoiding both duplication of insurance and dangerous gaps in the present insurance coverage. The Optimum Online web service gives the company an overview and control over its complete insurance structure.


Optimum's advantages - from analysis and matching to smart management

  • Identifies and illustrates the risks associated with specific items and activities
  • Evaluates the extent of the insurance cover in each point
  • Gives control over costs
  • Compiles customer information
  • Electronic data retrieval
  • Case management and follow-up
  • Advanced statistical options
  • Documentation and compliance
  • Continuous evaluation of insurance holdings

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