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Vehicles and Transport Insurance

Motor vehicle insurance is generally divided into three basic parts: the third-party motor insurance the owner is legally required to take out, half insurance and comprehensive insurance.

Whatever types of vehicle the company uses, Söderberg & Partners offers a tailored motor insurance programme. Our aim is to clarify and simplify, and we ensure effective company fleet management by means of system support and electronic data. With a total overview, we can evaluate premiums, coverage, damages and self-risk levels, thereby helping the company to find the optimal insurance solution.


Transport Insurance

When goods are transported, they are exposed to the risk of loss or damage. Whether the transport is by road, rail, sea or air, the carrier's liability is always limited, usually per kilo.

Cargo insurance provides compensation for damage that occurs during shipment. The insurance policy can be used when, for example, a ship founders, a car drives into a ditch or criminal acts, crushing or theft occur during transport, storage, loading and unloading.

The purchase contract specifies which delivery conditions (e.g. Incoterms) apply. These determine whether it is the buyer or seller who bears the risk during shipment and arranges cargo insurance. The term Ex Works (EXW), for example, means that the buyer/importer bears the risk from the time the goods leave the seller.

Söderberg & Partners analyses the company's freight transport flows and on this basis formulates an optimal transport insurance solution.

In a world in which employees are travelling more frequently and further afield, there is an increasing need for companies to arrange business travel insurance and associated services.

How this form of insurance is applied varies depending on the policyholder's country. Swedish companies often let the insurance cover all employees who travel on business, while companies in other countries sometimes only provide cover for certain more privileged personnel categories.

Whichever route you opt for, you should choose an insurer who specialises in business travel insurance and has a recognised and proven system for damage control around the clock, regardless of where the damage occurred. Here it is important to take into consideration cover conditions for risk and war zones, where special rules apply.

Söderberg & Partners helps companies to develop business travel insurance tailored to the specific needs of the business.

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