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Coronavirus in Sweden

Coronavirus in Sweden

25 March · 2020

The Coronavirus (covid-19) is still developing and represents an unparalleled concern all over the world these days. Söderberg & Partners are continuously following the situation to meet our clients’ and partners’ need for information and support.


The real challenge

We are learning that the virus is spreading rapidly. For some groups the virus can be fatal, and for others hospitalisation is required. There is an absolute need to reduce the spread of the virus, in order to maintain capacity in the health system.


The healthcare system is currently prioritising testing people in need of care, staff within healthcare and elderly care with suspected illness. To find all cases of corona, by testing everyone with symptoms that have been in certain areas abroad, is no longer the strategy. The testing will not be offered in a broad scale to the public but instead to the prioritised groups mentioned above.

Recent Governmental actions

  • Workforce is encouraged to work from home if possible.

  • All public events with more than 500 people attending are prohibited to limit the spread of the virus.

  • All classes at Senior high schools and Universities are suspended and replaced with online tutoring.

  • Elementary-, and pre-schools are still open. The Government has however passed a law enabling them to close these schools if needed.

  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs (UD) advises against any non-necessary travels to all countries until April 14th, when a new assessment will be done.

  • All unnecessary travels from countries outside of the EES-area and Switzerland to Sweden is temporarily stopped.

  • All citizens showing symptoms, even mild, are encouraged to stay at home and have limited socialisation with others to limit the spread of the virus. After being sick, you should stay home at least two days symptom-free.

  • In several places, visitors at retirement homes have been prohibited.

  • Qualifying day of sickness (karensdag) is removed.

  • No medical certificate is required within 14 days. This means you can stay home for 14 days without the certificate.

  • When you have a confirmed covid-19 infection, you have the right to disease carrier allowance. However, a medical certificate is needed.


National economy

Many industries are hit hard as a direct result of the restrictions related to the corona virus. The Government are providing adjusted solutions for economic support to ease the effects for both employers and employees that are temporarily laid off. 

Next phases and development

The situation changes rapidly meanwhile the Government is working nonstop to meet the local challenges.

To follow the developments, we refer to the Government’s website.

How is your insurance cover affected?

We get a lot of questions how the corona virus is affecting companies’ occupational pension-, group and business insurances. Here we give answers (in Swedish) to common questions and an overview of insurance companies implementation of insurance terms and conditions. For further information about your specific situation – contact your advisor.

More information

Go to the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s (Folkhälsomyndighetens) website for FAQ about covid-19.

For general questions about covid-19, call 113 13, or +46 77 33 113 13 outside of Sweden.

Having symptoms? If you need to seek medical treatment, it is important to call first. Call 1177 or +46 771 1177 00 outside of Sweden. Do this to avoid infecting other people if you have covid-19. In that case, there are certain routines for how you will be handled to limit the spread of the virus. 

Söderberg & Partners in Sweden

If you have any concerns or need for information from us at Söderberg & Partners, please do not hesitate to reach out for further details and support. 

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