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Customer satisfaction

If you want to be happy with your financial advisor, engage Söderberg & Partners

We always strive for development in our work. With this in mind, we conduct regular surveys of what our customers think about us and the services we provide. The results speak for themselves: if you want to be happy with your financial advisor, engage Söderberg & Partners.

No. 1 according to the Swedish Quality Index

The Swedish Quality Index’s annual survey of how customers perceive different operators in the financial industry is now finished and has been released. The report says: “The company clients are more satisfied with their insurance brokers this year compared to last. On an operative level, Söderberg & Partners made great improvements, with better results on service as well as price value”.


World-quality customer satisfaction!

You don't need to take our word that we deliver the market's leading advice. Our customer surveys show that we perform at world-class level - both in terms of traditional values and how easy we are to deal with. In addition, our customers agree that we create clear added value and understand their unique needs.

  • 96% of our customers recommend us to friends and colleagues
  • 91% of our customers think we are easy to deal with
  • 76% of our customers think we are the industry's innovators