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Private service

Private service

22 February · 2017

As a customer of Söderberg & Partners, you have access to our Private service. Here you will find all the information about your personal finances, clearly arranged and collected together in one place. You can also trade in shares and switch funds directly in the system, as well as accessing analyses and smart tools.

The Private service gives you a complete overview of your financial situation. Your entire private finances – insurance, different types of savings, pensions, mortgages and more – are presented in one place using easy-to-understand text and graphics. You do not have to jump between different websites, and the information is constantly updated.


Analyses and simulations

Smart tools allow you to evaluate both your individual investments and your entire holdings. For example, you can make compilations of the allocation between equities, fixed-income securities and cash or the geographic distribution of your investments. In addition, you can use simulations to get an idea of ​​what a different investment would entail. You can also assess your risk relative to expected return.


Equities trading and fund switching

The Private service provides access to a fund marketplace with the facility to buy and sell over 800 funds. To help you choose, we publish regular assessments and analyses of what is available. You can also trade in equities through Nordnet.


Easier for everyone

The Private service makes it a little easier to manage your private finances. Even financially experienced users appreciate it because it is time saving. With its help you avoid having to familiarise yourself with each individual insurance policy, go through all the funds, find out how different investments have performed and then having to sum it up to see if you are on the right track. The Private service presents an overview of your upcoming pension, with everything from invalidity pension, survivor's pension and retirement pension to private pension savings.

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