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Security Funds

Security Funds

22 February · 2017

A fund portfolio needs to be reviewed periodically, but many people lack both the time and knowledge to implement the required redistribution. Söderberg & Partners monitors daily market movements. With our security management, you are kept informed of stock market potential and at the same time maintain good control over the risks.

Security management is designed for you as an occupational pension customer and means that you engage us to make shifts in your portfolio. By choosing security management, you get a secure fund distribution which joins in when the market goes up, but holds its own when the market falls.


Security funds with a "floor"

You choose how much risk you want to take. We have four portfolios with risk levels of between 90 and 75 percent. The percentage means that the portfolio will not fall below 90 or 75 percent of its maximum value during the last twelve months. The lower the number, the higher the risk.

The service is based on advanced analysis models with continuous external monitoring and evaluation of the individual funds. The methodology is taken from Söderberg & Partners' work with institutional clients, which means you have access to these specialists' supervisory boards in your private portfolio.


Pioneers in risk control

Söderberg & Partners was first to introduce risk control in unit-linked products. The first portfolio was started in mid-2005. To date, the strategy has proved successful in both rising and falling markets. In particular, risk control proved its worth during the turbulent year of 2008, when all the portfolios outperformed their benchmarks by a wide margin. Today, over 80,000 customers have chosen security management through us.

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