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Management strategy

Proactive management is aimed at investors wishing to share in the equity market’s significant potential without exposing themselves to the full risk this may involve. Your fund savings are regularly monitored according to the level of risk you choose. We make the necessary adjustments in the funds, with the aim of ensuring you obtain as high a return as possible in relation to your risk propensity.

Continuous analysis of funds and fund management companies

Söderberg & Partners continuously analyses the funds and fund management companies that are available for investment. In this way, we filter the products that have the right conditions to give you a good future return.

Different risk levels 

The management service offers you four risk levels to choose from: Protection levels 90, 85, 80 and 75 The figures represent the basic protection, the risk control level, that you as an investor do not want to fall below. At the same time, high risk means the possibility of higher returns.


Example: Protection level 90 has an investment strategy that aims not to fall below 90% of the highest value in the most recent twelve-month period. Protection levels 85, 80 and 75 have the same investment strategy but with risk control levels of 85%, 80% and 75%. Common to all funds is that the proportion of equity funds, and hence the growth potential, is kept as high as possible without exceeding the predetermined maximum risk. Portfolio funds may be both equity and bond funds.

  • Strategic allocation – The portfolio’s long-term composition is adapted to maximise risk-adjusted returns.
  • Risk control – Risk levels are monitored while tactical adjustments are made in order to adhere to the protection level.
  • Evaluation – Each fund is thoroughly analysed, including an analysis of the fund manager, style, ability to withstand falling markets and several other factors. Only the best are used for the customer’s portfolio.
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