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Proactive management

Management that goes along with upturns and withstands downturns.

About once every ten years over the last 100 years, a financial crash has led to major stock exchange declines[1] and it can be difficult to control your investments when the market changes rapidly.

Our risk analysis model is based on gathering large amounts of data and making a comprehensive analysis to offer control over your risk exposure in all market situations. In uncertain times, it can put your mind at rest to get answers to your questions and support in investing strategically.

Our managers monitor investments on a daily basis and ensure that there is the right exposure to the equities market and the interest rate market. The goal is that the value of the portfolio should not fall below the fund’s risk level. This level (65, 75, 80, 85 and 90) is the percentage of the highest value of the portfolio during the last year. This reduces the negative effect of major stock market declines, while also giving you control over the risk your investments actually have.

[1] Daniel Waldenström (2007): Monthly Swedish stock prices and returns and bond yields 1856-2006, Research Institute of Industrial Economics

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