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Who are Söderberg & Partners Wealth Management?

About us

We are a firm of financial advisors who believe in the value of thinking differently and constantly questioning, changing and expanding the traditional mindset of our industry.

Our offering

Basically, our offering is about helping people and companies make informed decisions on issues that affect their finances and their lives. We do this through a wide range of services, designed to suit our customers.

Within wealth management, we offer asset management advice for private individuals, companies, foundations and institutions. We also offer a wide range of supplementary services such as advice on tax and family law, as well as business services.

Our advice is tailored to your unique needs. Regardless of whether you represent a major publicly listed company or are investing as a private person. From your first meeting with us, you'll get a personal advisor who listens to your goals and preferences!

Our fees

Söderberg & Partners Wealth Management applies a revenue model, to both advisory and discretionary investment management, that we call "Fair Deal”.

Fair Deal represents our core principle – to always act in the best interests of our customer, through good analysis and advice. This model has been in place since 2011.

Fair Deal means that Söderberg & Partners’ fees are the same, regardless of your choice of product, risk level or number of transactions. We charge a fixed fee for our advisory services.

We earn no income on brokerage, exchange fees or proceeds on net interest.
There are no lock-in clauses or withdrawal charges for you as a customer.

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