Wealth Services fees

Current prices as of January 1, 2024

All prices are stated in Swedish Kronor (kr) and subject to statutory fees and VAT of currently 25 %. In addition, expenses charged to the Contractor such as government fees or travel and lodging expenses, may be added if the work is carried out outside the regular office.

Family Law and legal documents

Family lawyer and legal documents 2 500 kr/hour
Archiving (one-time fee; up to 10 documents included) 2 500 kr

Tax advisory and income tax returns

Project management, tax 2 500 kr/hour
Income tax return, individuals (min. 8 000 kr/individual) 2 500 kr/hour
Tax calculation of foreign assets (min. 25 000 kr if a voluntary disclosure) 2 500 kr/hour
Income tax return, companies 3 600 kr/hour
Consultation and advisory, tax 3 600 kr/hour
Legal investigation, appeal, and advance ruling 4 400 kr/hour

Accounting and Company Services

Minimum total annual fee is 18 500 kr/company regardless of which activities are included within the assignment.

Accounting (incl. salaries and payments) 1 000 kr/hour
Project management and consultation, accounting 1 375 kr/hour
Financial statements and other reports, accounting 1 375 kr/hour
Consolidated annual reports 1 700 kr/hour
Income tax return, companies (min. 4 000 kr/company, plus review will be added at 3 500 kr/hour) 2 000 kr/hour
K10 2 500 kr/hour
Fiscal accounting coupon tax min. 10 000 kr
Physical mail handling 3 490 kr/year
Archiving (after the end of two years until the eighth year after the end of the financial year) 200 kr/year/run. Meters
Closely held company (terms are given in separate product sheet) from 18 500 kr per assign./year
Foundation (terms are given in separate product sheet) from 25 000 kr per assign./year

Financial project management and private financial services

Project management to composite services and tailor-made solutions from start to finish (example of services and pricing below).

Financial project management     2 500 kr/hour
Share transfer notes 2 500 kr/agreement
Shareholder agreements from 20 000 kr/agreement
Company establishment (incl. compensation to our partners) from 12 400 kr/company
Company liquidation (incl. compensation to our partners) from 20 000 kr/company