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Fees & Remuneration

To us, openness means two things – the fact that we offer large areas of banks' and insurance companies' products, and that we are always open with how much we charge. To us, it goes without saying that our advice is based on what is best for you.


Openness and transparency

At Söderberg & Partners, we are always completely open about our earnings. We create great added value for our customers and we think it is important that they know how our revenue model is designed. The customer's interest should always come first and there should not be a shred of doubt that our advice is always based on what is best for the customer.


Freedom of choice

We offer our customers several alternative remuneration models. Some of the options look slightly different depending on which services the customer has chosen, but what is common to all of our advisory services is that we offer either an entirely commission-based remuneration model, an entirely fee-based model or a combination of both. The different options suit different types of customers and you should obviously choose the one that suits you best.


Commission-based remuneration

If the customer chooses a commission-based remuneration model, Söderberg & Partners is remunerated by insurers and product providers. The cost of advice and mediation is included in the fees that the customer pays to the insurance companies and product suppliers. The compensation is completely transparent in that the customer always receives information about the size of the commission. In this way, no confusion can arise about our earnings in the different options.


Fee-based remuneration

If the customer chooses a fee-based remuneration model, Söderberg & Partners is remunerated by means of fees for services rendered as agreed with the customer. The customer is then always fully aware of the cost of Söderberg & Partners' services.

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