HR system

Heartpace is an HR system developed with the understanding that HR is increasingly being required to be proactive and develop the organization. At the same time, they are burdened with an increasing number of administrative tasks and larger requirements to handle employee data securely. Heartpace solves this problem with its HRM system, which gives you the time and opportunity to focus on the organization and the people.

Unleash your full HR potential

Heartpace's HRM system helps to collect your HR processes, employee data, and documents according to the highest security standard, ISO 27001, which Heartpace is somewhat unique to obtain among HR tech companies in Sweden. In addition, the system automates your pre-, on-, and offboarding, and gives you goal-oriented employee reviews and HR analytics. All in a user-friendly design that makes it easy for managers and employees to work independently in the system.

"Fortunately, our latest customer survey showed that the HR departments that have implemented our HRM system estimate that they have reduced their administration time per HR function by about 11 hours per week," says Markus Söderberg, Marketing Manager at Heartpace.

In addition to reducing administration time by 11 hours per week, the customer survey showed that 9 out of 10 experienced improved workflows and data management with Heartpace’s HRM.

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What's included in the Heartpace HR system?

Here are a few examples of what's included in Heartpace:

  • HR admin, organizational charts and master data
  • Management of goal-oriented development, salary and monthly interviews
  • Salary mapping, salary review, salary analysis and market salary data
  • Evaluation tools - peer review, 360-degree evaluation, feedback
  • Skills-CV module
  • Survey tool, e-nps and Pulse
  • Integration with Office 365, Microsoft AD, Google and more.