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Söderberg & Partners Annual Report 2020

Söderberg & Partners’ vision is to be proactive today for you to enjoy a richer and more secure life tomorrow. Ultimately, whether you are a private individual, company owner, manager, employee or representative of an organisation, you should always get the best solutions tailored to your preferences, which would make your life and everyday living simpler – both today and in the future.

Highlights from 2020

New partnership with ABG Sundal Collier – Söderberg & Partners Wealth Management enters an exclusive partnership with ABG Sundal Collier for IPO projects.

Record growth in the Netherlands – Our operations in the Netherlands expanded widely, with an increase in underlying annual turnover from SEK 150 million to SEK 750 million over the past two years in subsidiaries and associate companies.

Number one in customer satisfaction – Söderberg & Partners is recognised by SKI as the insurance provider with Sweden’s most satisfied clients for the ninth year in a row. We are also named as the company that best supported its clients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Sustainability Report

This is our fifth Sustainability Report in which we aim to describe how we are making a difference and work to achieve our sustainability goals.

Key Actions

New collaboration to create a better climate – Söderberg & Partners established a new partnership with Global Utamnings project Klimatagendan, an NGO working to help facilitate Sweden’s green transformation.

New technology for climate compensation – Since 2018, Söderberg & Partners has compensated for all employees' carbon emissions at work and at home, but in 2020 Söderberg & Partners became one of the first in Sweden to compensate for climate change through coal removal.

First investment to prevent child labour – Through the fund Aktiv Påverkan, Söderberg & Partners Asset Management has invested in two companies where there was a great risk of child labor. Together with our ESG team and Save the Children, we are now actively working to mitigate these risks.

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